Ted F. Spradley

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Farmers Branch, TX  75234-6213

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E-mail:  tsprad@spradley.org







Broad-based experience designing, implementing, and supporting software and firmware for a variety of embedded control applications in financial, commercial, and industrial environments.

Demonstrated success in technical writing and technical training.  Worked effectively with customers performing on-site installation and training.





C, Perl, Tcl, Expect, and Oracle SQL in Unix TCP/IP Networking environment.

Software Development and System Administration for IBM AIX, DEC OSF/1, Solaris 2.x,

SunOS 4.1.4, BSD.

C and assembly language programming for Intel 80x86, Motorola 68020, 68040, 68332, and 68HC16 processors in embedded controllers and RISC-based UNIX servers and workstations.

Device drivers, interrupt handlers, real-time response.

Oracle SQL embedded in Perl.





S & S Computing & Consulting, Farmers Branch, TX                              06/01 - present

Consultant - Manage in-house computer system consisting of server running FreeBSD, HTTP, Apache, DNS (BIND), and Samba linking workstations running Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 98SE, Windows XP, and FreeBSD.  Contract programming as requested for clients.


Weblink Wireless (formerly Pagemart), Dallas, TX                                    03/99 - 05/01

Senior Programmer - Enterprise Java Beans for Weblogic Application Server; Oracle SQL embedded in C; Oracle Pro*C for Solaris; Perl CGI programming for Web commerce; Installation and configuration of Apache and iPlanet Web; Servers, including SSL and X509 certificates


Raytheon Systems Company, Garland, TX                                                06/98 - 01/99

Contract Software Engineer - C programming for a communications system for military air traffic control, hosted on SunOS 4.1.4, using TCP/IP and Berkeley sockets.


Paging Network, Inc. (PageNet), Plano, TX                                               12/97 - 05/98

Contract Software Engineer - Perl and Expect programming for business Database application.  Showed how simple Perl and Expect scripts could be used to automate processes that had been done interactively, converting procedures that had taken 2000 man-hours previously down to two man-hours.

Ted F. Spradley




Reltec Corporation, Irving, TX                                                                     05/96 - 11/97

Contract Software Engineer (The Registry, Inc.) - Telephony outside-plant testing application, using Oracle 7; Relational Database; TCP/IP networking with Berkeley Sockets; Oracle SQL embedded in Perl.


Motorola, Ft. Worth, TX                                                                                07/95 - 05/96

Contract Software Engineer (The Registry, Inc.) - Designed and implemented software for Paging Infrastructure, using C language on Sun Solaris 2.4 on VME bus.  Managed the 'build' process using Atria ClearCase version control system and Sun 'make'.


Kodak Health Imaging Systems, Dallas, TX                                              06/94 - 06/95

Contract Software Engineer (Wincon, Inc.) - Designed and implemented I/O device drivers for a specialized high-speed laser printer interface for Sun OS 4.1.3 and for Solaris 2.3.  Also designed and implemented an application program to print medical image files (computed radiography ACR-NEMA) using this interface.


Recognition International, Inc., Irving, TX                                                 07/78 - 02/94

Staff Software Engineer - Received an Excellence in Development Award for device drivers and control software for IEEE-488 GPIB using Motorola 68020 and 68332 and Texas Instruments TMS9914A.

Designed, coded, and debugged the software to analyze back-lit digital images of bank notes to measure holes, tears and missing corners in a six week period.  Created algorithms to collect and analyze the data in real time (less than 50 millisec) on Motorola 68HC16, in C language.

Taught myself Berkeley sockets programming and implemented an Ethernet TCP/IP high-speed data transfer application in less than three months.

Taught myself (in three months) System V lp administration and shell programming to drive five image printers each printing 20 A3-size pages per minute .  Discovered and corrected an interrupt race condition in the printer interface device driver.  Served in technical leadership role in the project.

Installed system and trained users on-site in Cheltenham, England.

Key member of a four-person team that developed a two-week (80 hour) course on applications programming for a high-speed page reader product, including an introductory course on C language programming.  Taught the first two sections of the course.


Xerox Corporation, Carrollton, Texas                                                       11/74 - 7/78

Associate Manufacturing Engineer - Developed software for a special-purpose automatic test equipment for high-volume electronics manufacturing.


The Boeing Company, Wichita, Kansas                                                   09/72 - 10/74

Associate Electrical Engineer - Developed test programs for special-purpose automatic test equipment for maintenance of electronic systems in military aircraft.


EDUCATION:  Bachelor of Science Electrical Engineering, University of Kansas.